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Vitamin C-Infused Skincare: The Ingredient No Regimen Should Be Without

Posted on 17 May 2020

In the alphabet of skincare ingredients, Vitamin C gets lost in the list. Fast-acting AHAs get all the love for instantly glowing, ridiculously smooth skin. Retinol is the dermatologist’s go-to for lessening the slightest to the deepest of wrinkles. But C…well, Vitamin C is often overlooked. And to that, we add, extremely underestimated.

More than your daily dose of juice or a staple in your multivitamin, Vitamin C packs a bevy of brightening benefits for every skin type and color. And, its ability to naturally brighten the skin makes it an incredible alternative to more controversial skin brightening ingredients (read: hydroquinone). But, it’s not as simple as rubbing an orange on your face (we tried) or just picking up any old serum with the words Vitamin C in the name (tried that, too). So, consider this your cheat sheet to the skincare wonder that is Vitamin C.

Why Do You Need a Vitamin C Serum?

If you are what you eat, and you eat plenty of Vitamin C (thank you, strawberries, for being loaded with C!), shouldn’t that be enough to support your skin? Yes, and no. It’s always best to get vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from fruits and vegetables. But, skin is unfortunately low in the line-up of organs who benefit the most from what we eat (big guys like the brain, heart, and lungs are first in line). Skin needs all the support it can get, and Vitamin C is a major area where you can support skin health through serums, creams, and masks. Especially because Vitamin C is not a vitamin made by the body (think of things like hyaluronic acid or collagen that are naturally made by the body).

The Benefits of Vitamin C for Skin

Vitamin C started gaining fame for its ability to brighten dark spots and help even tone. But, a little more research revealed that it helps protect and support collagen production (essential to youthful-looking, plump, and line-free skin), helps skin recover from damage, and as an antioxidant helps diffuse free radical damage from UV light and things like pollution, environmental assaults, and emissions. These are all things we know our skin cannot live without.

To C or Not to C

Vitamin C is not created equal. A simple Google search reveals some intensely scientific and long names: magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (often abbreviated to MAP), l-ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbyl phosphate, ascorbyl glucoside, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate…we really could keep going. So, why all the different kinds of Vitamin C? Because they all have different bioavailabilities and penetration abilities, which, in simple terms, meaning it’s stable enough to do what it needs to do where it needs to do it once it makes contact with skin. Another thing to consider: what Vitamin C is formulated with. It’s a known fact that Vitamins C and E work together to create an incredible shield of defense against free radicals (oxidants).

When to Apply Vitamin C

It’s been said that a bioavailable and stable form of Vitamin C will stay in the skin for at least 48 hours. Considering there’s no risk in applying it more frequently, we like to drink up the benefits whenever we can. The benefits of applying during the day include free-radical defense against environmental assaults. Wearing at night helps your skin’s natural recovery and healing process. So, use it whenever it works best for you…just be sure to use it, period. This also goes without saying: wear SPF every single day. Vitamin C can only do so much to brighten and protect your skin. In fact, using Vitamin C without an SPF could prevent you from seeing any brightening or dark spot minimizing benefits—no matter how much C you apply.

Looking for a Powerful Vitamin C Serum?

Look no further! Karuna’s once-weekly Vitamin C+ Pearls contain 79% Vitamin C pearls that mix with a serum activator to turn into a powerful night treatment for brighter skin. It works while you sleep to correct discoloration, even skin tone, refine skin’s texture, encourage collagen protection to help with elasticity and firmness, and improve overall brightness.






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