Our Ethos



By combining historically proven Ayurvedic, TCM and Adaptogenic ingredients used for centuries with modern Clinical Science and methodologies, we create formulas that not only respect wellness and tradition but also align with contemporary standards for optimal skin balance & age-defying results.

Your skin barrier is your body's first line of defense against external factors that can lead to common aging and inflammation-related concerns like dullness, increased sensitivity, and fine lines & wrinkles.


Traditional Chinese Medicine

With centuries of proven wellness benefits, herbal ingredients traditionally used in Traditional Chinese Medicine help restore balance (yin and yang), nurtures skin health, and delivers youthful, vibrant radiance.


An ancient wellness system known for its holistic methods, Ayurveda leverages potent botanical herbs, oils, and extracts to rejuvenate skin and achieve a harmonious, radiant complexion through time-tested practices.


Natural compounds, often derived from plants and herbs (most commonly mushrooms), Adaptogens that help the body and skin adapt to stressors, maintain balance and enhance the skin's ability to handle environmental stress for youthful, age-defying skin.

Clinical Science

By utilizing advanced technologies and methods, Clinical Science-driven ingredients ensure optimal results, addressing specific skin concerns with precision and credibility, for a revitalized complexion.

Our clean promise

At Karuna, it is our belief that the key to achieving true skin balance lies in the balance of the formulas themselves.

We focus on a unique combination of wellness-driven ingredients used throughout history and modern clinical actives, whie consciously eliminating unnecessary ingredients that do not directly benefit the health and appearance of skin like parabens, phthalates and sulfates.

Karuna is proudly Cruelty-Free and follows EU Cosmetic Regulations by eliminating 1,400+ questionable ingredients from our formulas.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

As an ongoing commitment to environmental betterment, we are constantly exploring additional avenues for fostering positive impacts. This dedication remains an integral part of our growth, motivating us to identify and incorporate opportunities for meaningful contributions. Currently, we have taken steps toward are goals in the following areas:

Though we have a long way to go, it’s our primary goal to continue increasing sustainability efforts as the brand evolves to bring you the best, compassionately conscious skincare products possible.