While the coronavirus is being managed globally, certain activities have overnight, taken priority: at-home exercise options, keeping up with wellness and skincare routines, but most of all boosting immunity. Because staying strong, and maintaining your health is especially important in these uncertain times.  

We’ll let you figure out the best full-body workouts, but we know a super supplement mix to help with your wellness and immunity needs: collagen, with the added benefit of Vitamin C!

Here’s why collagen and Vitamin C are a match made in supplement heaven: while collagen is amazing for its benefits to the hair, nail and skin health; it also strengthens connective tissue, improves the digestive tract and promotes gut health. Vitamin C is equally important for preventing chronic diseases and iron deficiencies, but very crucial for our times giving the immune system a turbo boost.

The Karuna Collagen C+ chewable supplement contains individual doses of 1000mg of collagen peptides and 250 mg of Vitamin C. Do your immunity, skin, and gut a favor, incorporate collagen and vitamins into your daily routine!


Written by:  Beth Plumptre

July 21, 2020 — Linda Wang

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