It's our fearless founder's very own birthday today and we decided to share a little background on Linda Wang and how she founded Karuna. 

Linda created Karuna skincare, the first sheet mask brand in the U.S., over 10 years ago. With her eyes on wellness and a heart for skin issues, she’s making self-care synonymous with clean skincare, proving that consciousness is isn’t just a craze.

Now, our top 6 questions for Linda to answer before blowing out her birthday candles. Cheers, Linda!

What does Karuna mean?

Karuna means “compassion” in Sanskrit.

Why did you choose it as your brand name?

Compassion inspires everything we do, from how we source ingredients and packaging sustainability to making skincare a part of your self-care. We are in a time when we realize we are better together because of our differences. But, before we can extend compassion towards others, we must first give it to ourselves.

Masks are a crowded market. How do you shine?

Choosing to be clean. We define clean skincare as a balance of safety with source, energy with efficacy, and nature’s greatest gifts with proven ingredient technology. It’s also the interconnected balance of harmony: we unite eastern rituals & medicines and western technologies for the perfect balance of clean products that inspire sensational skin—and compassion from within.

Our heritage of biodegradable, moisture-locking sheet mask fibers inspired us to formulate every product without hundreds of known toxins. We select ingredients that are responsibly sourced from nature and from proven scientific discoveries. Our commitment to clean means you can count on us to continually assess and eliminate ingredients that do not meet our standards for safe skincare. We have set this intention for our products because not all natural ingredients are truly safe for skin, and not all scientifically researched ingredients are unsafe. It is balance we seek for sensational skin. 

What was your job before becoming an entrepreneurial Boss Lady?

I was a fashion buyer for 10 years prior to starting Karuna. Even though it’s a different industry, I know what to watch for based on what’s trending.

How did you get into face masks?

They were massively popular in Asia—my mom, who lives in Taiwan, introduced me to sheet masks. The concept resonated with me because I had eczema as a kid. I remember when my doctor told me to wrap my eczema with a plastic wrap after applying ointment on to keep it from evaporating. Sheet masks have the similar concept, and I fell in love with it.

Now, our final question before we cut the cake: What’s your favorite sheet mask?

They are like my babies, I can't pick just one!  But if I were to chose my go-tos, they would be Revify+ and Clarify+ Face Masks.    



September 16, 2019