The Importance of Serums in Your Skincare Routine


Chances are you see a lot of talk surrounding serums when you’re watching your favorite Beauty Guru or scrolling through your favorite skincare socials, but it can get a little overwhelming, right? What do they do, why do I need one, and which one is right for me…? Well, your friends here at Karuna are going to break down all the basics to help make you an expert in minutes!

What is a serum?

An easy way to think of serum is as your “treatment” step. Sure, there are dermatologist prescriptions that fit the mold of treatment, but for most of us, a serum does the trick. Skincare serums are concentrated formulas designed to deliver a specific benefit or target a specific concern after cleansing or toning. That’s why you see so many options out there because each of us has a different need, sometimes several: hydration, brightening, soothing, etc. etc.

Do I really need one?

We may be a little biased here but, in our opinion, yes! Since these are your treatments, they’re a great way to supercharge a routine or “fill in the blanks”. For example, if you find yourself breaking out and your cleansing and moisturizing routine aren’t getting the job done, you can incorporate a clarifying serum. If you’re noticing increased redness or irritability, a calming serum with anti-inflammatory ingredients might just do the trick. Serums are also a great way to incorporate active ingredients into your routine like Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid and even Retinol!

How do I know which one is right for me?

This is going to be on a person-by-person basis because each of our needs and wants is unique, but here are (2) easy questions you’ll want to ask yourself:

1. What textures do I like?
    Serums come in a variety of textures from watery to milky, lightweight to thicker. If texture is something that’s important to you, start there.
      2. What concerns am I trying to address?
        Take a look at your skin and see if there is anything you’d like to address like uneven texture, discolorations, dry patches or pesky fine lines and wrinkles. Just remember that achieving healthy, happy-looking skin is more than just using a serum (but it does help!) Diet, lifestyle, and a well-rounded skincare routine are all important parts.

          Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll want to check out ingredients designed to address your concerns. Check out a few of our favorites below:

          Dark Spots / Discolorations

          • Vitamin C
          • Turmeric
          • Niacinamide

          Tightness/Dehydrated Skin

          • Hyaluronic Acid
          • Glycerin
          • Peptides

          Uneven Texture/Clogged Pores

        1. AHAs (like Lactic or Glycolic Acids)
        2. BHAs (like Salicylic Acid)
        3. Angelica Root


        5. Centella Asiatica
        6. Snow Mushroom
        7. Aloe Vera

        8. Does Karuna have serums?

          We’re so happy you asked! Yes! Not only do we have our NEW All Day Everyday Serum but each of our bestselling sheet masks is soaked with a serum blend powered by The Karuna Complex. 

          All Day Everyday Serum

          Say hello to your new favorite way to hydrate. Nutrient-rich Coconut Water hydrates & rejuvenates skin for a nourished glow while skin barrier-calming Probiotics partner with moisture-locking Peptides to help get skin back to a visibly plumper, firmer state.

          The Karuna Complex

          Bringing together four key principles (Adaptogens, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Clinical Science), we created a proprietary serum blend of hydrating, soothing, and antioxidant-rich ingredients that serve as the foundation of each targeted masking solution. 

          • Aloe Vera – lightly hydrates as it calms stressed skin and visible redness
          • Chamomile – long used to ease signs of inflammation while providing antioxidant support
          • Hyaluronic Acid – draws water to the skin for a smooth, plump complexion
          • Peptides – help encourage collagen synthesis for skin that looks stronger and firmer

          Whether you’re looking for a daily essential or targeted solution a few times a week, we’ve got you covered.  Do you have a favorite serum ingredient? If so tell us below which Karuna mask or product you love it in!

          For more tips, tricks and serum secrets, follow us on Instagram @karunaskin – we’ll see you there!

          Written by Ryan Nelson

          July 20, 2022