3 Simple Guidelines for Building the Perfect Skincare Routine


According to Merriam-Webster,  a routine is defined as “a regular course of procedure” but in the world of skincare, we just call it a necessity! Having a consistent routine is extremely important in helping skin not only look its best but function at its best. At Karuna, we believe your best-skin-yet can be achieved by following 3 simple guidelines: Cleanse, Treat, Moisturize. Let’s break it down below:


Great skin starts with clean skin!

Removing impurities and excess oil from the surface helps ensure your skin is better prepared for the treatments and moisturizers that follow. For many, a daily gentle cleanser does the trick for both morning and evening routines but for makeup and SPF lovers a double cleanse is game-changing. Our picks? Cleansing Oil as step 1, followed by Balancing Cleanser for a super clean, never-stripped complexion. 

Pro-Tip: If you’re a fan of toners, this can be part of your cleansing step too! Something like our Radiance Toner is perfect in the morning after you cleanse as a balancing, hydrating boost before your next step.


Let’s address those specific concerns!

The target step is essentially your treatments – the supercharged products that zero in on specific concerns like dark spots, blemishes, uneven texture and signs of premature aging. At Karuna, we have (2) AMAZING face oils that fit perfectly into any routine. Skin in need of a calming pick-me-up? Multi-Tasking face oil is packed with naturally anti-inflammatory Turmeric whereas Illuminate Face Oil contains exfoliating acids to help those struggling with congested pores and dullness.

Pro-Tip: If you’re newer to stronger ingredients like acids, you can start by using them 1-2x per week until your skin is ready for nightly use.


Bring on the nourishment!

Moisture is something everyone’s skin needs to thrive, regardless of skin type! If you’re someone who leans more oily, something lightweight with a cooling, gel-cream consistency is probably going to be your perfect match. Drier skin types? You’re likely going to gravitate more to a richer, velvety texture that feels calming and soothing on skin’s surface. Our All Day Cream packs a mega-hydrating punch while feeling weightless on skin. Lights Out Cream is ultra-luxurious and the perfect before-bed treat to wake up glowing and radiant Just remember, we ALL need moisture – it’s just about finding the texture and ingredients that work best for your unique skin needs.

Pro-Tip: If you found that one of our oils gave your skin the moisture it needed, you can consolidate those (2) steps and call it a day!


You didn’t think we’d forget our famous masks, did you? ☺ Masking is a great way to add a major boost to your routine when your skin's having an off-day or you’re just in need of some extra self-care TLC. Think of a mask as the perfect complement to your daily essentials routine. Have the perfect hydration-oriented daily routine? Add in Hydrating+ Face Mask or Drench Sheet Masks 1-2x a week to take it to the next level. Is brightening your goal? Try Brightening+ Face Mask or Tone Sheet Masks to get your glow on!

What does your routine look like? Were any of the products we mentioned already part of your daily essentials? Drop us a comment below or let us know on Instagram @karunaskin!

Written by Ryan Nelson

August 24, 2022 — Karuna Marketing