This week we're talking Hydration vs Moisture. That's right, they're ACTUALLY different but don't worry - both are equally as beneficial in your routine.

How are they different?

It's much more simple than you might assume! Hydration is basically "water" content whereas Moisture is "oil". Hydrators help attract water to the skin to keep skin cells energized and skin plumped while Moisturizers lock it all in and keep the surface of skin smooth, nourished and glowy.

How do I know which one I need?

It's important to do a quick assessment of skin - how does it look and feel? If you're noticing irritability, tightness or sensitivity you're likely dehydrated and need some hydrating ingredients. Dry patches, flakiness and scaling? That means oil content is going to help you out most.

Can I have both in my routine?

Of course! Our bodies are made up of almost 60% water and our skin has a bunch of natural oils and lipids so both are essential! Just listen to your skin (remember that assessment?) and apply accordingly. Plus, we include a combo of hydrating and moisturizing ingredients in most of our products to make it even easier for you. Check out some of our faves below:

Hydrating Bestsellers

All Day Everyday Serum
Hydrating+ Face Mask
Drench Sheet Mask 

Moisturizing Bestsellers

All Day Cream
Lights Out Cream
Sleeping Mask

September 21, 2022 — Karuna Marketing