At Karuna headquarters, our skincare issues run the gamut: congestion, dullness, breakouts, dryness, and of course, wrinkles that seriously appeared out of nowhere. We wondered if there was a “wonder” ingredient that could satisfy our temperamental skin types. It had to meet our formulation standards and our definition of clean beauty (ethically sourced, non-toxic, among many other no-no ingredients).

After a bit of research, we realized the holy grail of healthier skin was sitting unassumingly in the kitchen, next to our tea selection, disguised in a squeezable bear-shaped container.

Yep, we’re talking about honey.

Don’t get us wrong: not all honey is created equal. We didn’t go from squeezing little into our tea to slathering it on our skin for self-care Sunday. Rather, we continued to do some digging. What makes honey so good for skin…and moreover, ALL skin types? 

Honey is a natural humectant, meaning it helps your skin attract and hold moisture. (Essential for all skin types, but especially favored amongst us who are prone to dryness). Antioxidants in honey can also help fight off free radicals that are known to trigger signs of aging like wrinkles. And, honey has natural exfoliating properties—meaning it can lift away dull skin cells to reveal fresher, glowing skin.

For those of us feeling the sting of sensitivity, honey is a natural-born soother that’s been used for centuries to help calm agitated, chapped skin, and redness flare-ups. Even modern medicine relies on honey for wound healing and skin repair.

What about breakouts and acne? Those of us in the office with breakout-prone skin shrieked in defiance at the thought of putting something so sugary and sticky on their skin. But, honey’s natural antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory benefits might be exactly what skin needs for a clearer complexion. The same honey that draws moisture out of the air and into dry skin can help bring down acne-induced swelling by drawing out fluids.  

Seems all skin care routines can get by with a little help from honey. But, it has its challenges: It sticks, it drips, it’s just messy to apply. (Has anyone ever honey masked without getting it in their hair?) Fortunately, the same skincare scientists that are sourcing nature for skin care solutions know how to get the best of honey without the sticky side effects.

Honey Extract provides the same incredible benefits to skin without the mess. That’s why we saturated our Clarifying+ Face Mask with ethically sourced honey extract. It’s the best sheet mask with soothing, calming, and clarifying ingredients to clarify clogged pores and control excess oil produced by stressed skin. Simply apply the cloth mask, settle in for a little screen time, then remove after 10-20 minutes. How sweet it is!



September 05, 2019