Regardless of skin type or the types of skin concerns you’re experiencing in any given week, moisturizing is key! It’s just about selecting the right type of moisturizer for you and what form feels best for your skin. Today we’re breaking down the importance of skin moisturization and the best ways to go about getting it into your daily (and weekly masking!) routine.

1. What is skin moisturizing?

Shocking we know, but it’s putting moisture back into your skin! Unlike hydration, which is water content in the skin, moisture can be looked at as the “oils” that keep our complexions looking nourished, smooth, and bouncy. Things like fatty acids, lipids, cholesterol, and proteins that naturally make up our skin, are crucial in warding off the dry patches and irritability commonly associated with dry skin. When our skin is lacking them, it’s important to apply them topically through a solid skincare routine.

2. You said moisture and hydration are different?

Yes, they are but both are equally important. Hydration = water whereas moisture = oil. We wrote a whole blog about it HERE. Check it out for all the juicy deets.

3. Does everyone need moisture?

Yes! As we mentioned, our skin is naturally made up of moisturizing ingredients so keeping them balanced is important for all skin types. One of the biggest myths surrounding moisturizing is that you don't need moisturizer if you’re super oily. Wrong! The truth of the matter is that your skin is actually in NEED of some moisture, so it pumps out extra oils to try and replenish itself. Finding the right moisturizing products for your skin can not only eliminate dryness, flakiness and dullness, but help combo or oily skin types achieve optimal levels of balance.

4. What are some ways I can moisturize my skin?

At Karuna, we offer several different ways to get your skin back to its glowiest, most-moisturized place. Here’s a quick guide to find the types of products and textures that might best suit your individual needs:

  • Cleansing Oils: Moisturizing starts with cleansing! One of the easiest ways to set skin up for success is with a cleansing oil. They’re loaded with fatty-acid-rich oils to feed the skin what it needs to stay nourished and balanced even while removing makeup and impurities.
Karuna Recommends: Cleansing Oil
  • Gel-Creams: Perfect for daytime and preferred by oily and combo skin types, gel-cream moisturizers are ultra-lightweight and deliver maximum nourishment without weighing skin down or feeling greasy. They have a refreshing, cooling feel when applied to the skin making them great for even sensitive skin types!

Karuna Recommends: All Day Cream

  • Rich Creams: Dry skin types LOVE a rich cream due to their luxurious texture and moisture-rich ingredients like Shea or Cocoa Butters. Commonly looked at as night creams, they help alleviate dry patches and flakiness while restoring bounce and glow but don’t only need to be regulated to evening usage – they can easily be used as a day cream depending on your individual concerns. 

Karuna Recommends: Lights Out Cream

  • Eye Creams: Unfortunately, the under-eye area is one of the fastest to show signs of aging and distress due to its fragile composition. With skin much thinner than the rest of the face, eye creams are formulated with lightweight moisturizing ingredients that don’t just nourish but help improve firmness and elasticity. Plus, they’re packed with brightening and puffiness-busting ingredients to keep you looking fresh and awake!
Karuna Recommends: Wake Up Eye Cream
  • Sleeping Masks & Facial Oils: Think of these as the treatment-meets-moisturizer hybrids. Both facial oils and sleeping masks don’t just bring on nourishment and recovery, they can help improve specific concerns like discolorations, texture and premature aging. Think of them as amped-up moisturizers when skin needs some major T.L.C.!

Karuna Recommends: Sleeping Mask, Multi-Tasking Face Oil, and Illuminate Face Oil

What are some of your favorite moisturizing hacks using Karuna products? Are you a mixer and a matcher? Let us know on Instagram @karunaskin

Written by Ryan Nelson

February 12, 2023 — Karuna Marketing