When to mask, what to use, sleeping masks vs sheet masks… we get it, it can be a little confusing at times. Today we’re breaking down all things “masking” to help you navigate the best ways to incorporate them into your routine for your brightest, happiest, most-balanced complexion yet. 

Sheet Masks

The ultimate relaxing treat before a big event or after a long day. Sheet masks are serum-infused fibers designed to mold to the curvatures of your face to deliver maximum benefits and better moisture retention. One of the best parts about sheet masks is that the fibers keep the serum-y goodness from evaporating as quickly, allowing it to better absorb into the skin versus going to waste. Our favorite trick? Using a jade roller or gua sha on top of them! 

Sleeping Masks

Think of your favorite night cream… times 10! Sleeping masks are ultra-rich creams or gel creams designed to work while you sleep to restore and rejuvenate skin in need of some major T.L.C., unlike sheet masks which are designed to be 10-20 minutes boosters, sleeping masks work overnight to bring compromised skin barrier back to a balanced state by morning. Our favorite trick? Use one the night before a big event to set skin up for success.
  • Who they’re ideal for: travelers, extra-dry skin, those seeing signs of premature aging
  • We recommend: Sleeping Mask

Supercharged Solutions vs Day-to-Day Booster Masks

You may have found yourself asking how the newer mask additions to our daily skincare essential line differ from our classic masks. The easiest way to look at it is supercharged solutions vs day-to-day booster masks. What does this mean? Our classic masks (Hydrating+, Age-Defying+, Revivify+ etc.) are meant to provide a supercharged boost to your weekly routine with ingredients that target specific concerns like discolorations, texture, and even blemishes. Drench, Tone and Quench however are hydrating heroes that can provide a little pick-me-up whenever you need a quick hydrating boost. 


What’s your go-to mask and how do you incorporate it into your weekly (or daily!) skincare routine? Let us know below or tag us on Instagram @karunaskin – we love hearing all your glow-to tips and tricks!


Written by Ryan Nelson

January 25, 2023 — Karuna Marketing