What’s one piece of fabric — simple to use, easy on the eyes and is currently reigning supreme as a favorite of Instagram #SelfcareSundays?

If you guessed face masks, you’d be absolutely correct! But if you took it two steps further, choosing sheet masks, you’d be right on the money.

Sheet masks have made the intercontinental leap from Korean skincare staple — to being the choice option for anyone around the world, looking to give their skin the benefits of a hydrating, brightening, healing, anti-aging, plus more, beauty product.

But beyond its easy application and irresistible Instagram appeal, what do you really know about sheet masks? Who can use them? How long can you do chores with them on? Are sheet masks the only thing your skin needs to stay healthy and supple? 

We’ve put together a handy guide for sheet masks — facts, dos, and absolute don’ts. Here’s what you didn’t know about sheet masks:

1. Sheet masks work as an occlusive

This fancy word simply means sheet masks act as a physical barrier. The mask seals your skin with a cocktail of the healthiest ingredients for its care and maintenance.

Essentially, by placing a sheet mask straight from its packaging, over your face, you will be saturating your skin in a temporary, but effective layer of ingredients. This permits all the nutrients present, to penetrate the skin easily, while the sheet’s occlusive properties also prevent any nutrients from getting out.

2. Not every face mask is for you

Now, we promise there’s a mask with your face on it, you just need to take extra care in noting your skin type, the material the sheet is made of, as well as the objectives you hope to achieve with your sheet mask.

That said, even after taking the above into consideration, it’s important to remember our earlier watchword — not every face mask is for you!  

For the best results, you have to choose sheet masks that promise the finest ingredients. Or guarantee the cleanest formulations — no parabens, formaldehyde and other icky components your skin will revolt against. You also want a mask whose material is sourced from the highest quality components.

Ticking these boxes and then some, are Karuna sheet masks made from natural, biodegradable fibers. These fibers allow for a higher concentration of serum for the mask, which allows your skin to receive the optimum conditioning it deserves.

3. Wait a minute! You can’t just slap a sheet mask on

With its super-easy application process, it’s understandable to assume that the only thing required is to slap on a sheet mask, put some music on, and start on the day’s chores before taking it off. But it doesn’t quite work out that way.

To get the maximum benefits of any sheet mask your skin must first be prepped and ready to receive all the nutrients the mask promises. You must first cleanse your skin to prevent impurities like dirt and make-up (which can hamper the benefits of the mask), from seeping into the skin. Or worse, using a sheet mask on unclean skin could push these impurities even deeper into it.

For these reasons, cleansing and exfoliating the skin are very important steps to take before applying sheet masks.

4. Longer isn’t always better with sheet masks … unless

To get the full benefits of sheet masks, you’ve probably heard twenty minutes as the maximum amount of time you have to apply the mask and sneak a few selfies before taking it off.

This is 100% correct for sheet masks made from synthetic fibers at least. With synthetic fibers, leaving a mask on for too long can have a reversal effect on the skin, sucking its moisture content and drying it up.

However, certain sheet masks permit you to apply them, start on the day’s chores and sneak in a little exercise before having to take them off. With a best before mark of 45 minutes, Karuna’s natural fiber sheet masks, with its active ingredients allow you the luxury of time to really soak in its many benefits.

5. Sheet masks can not replace your skin care regimen

From hydrating, to anti-aging to brightening, there are many too-good-to-be true benefits of using sheet masks. However, for all its pros, it would be unwise to swap out your moisturizer, sunscreen, healthy diet, and the other components of your skincare routine for sheet masks.

This is because despite being able to do a lot, sheet masks simply cannot do it all. For example, in certain instances, moisturizers are necessary post-masking, to seal in the moisture brought on by the mask. 

This is why it is important to view sheet masks as an enhancer,  or as we like to call it a deep conditioner for your skin. Masks should not be the singular component of your skin’s health and wellness routine.

6. You can use sheet masks as often as you want

They say too much of a good thing can’t be good, but ‘they’ must not have known about sheet masks.

Depending on your preference, sheet masks can be used daily, weekly and in other cases, even multiple times a day.

However, it is most commonly used weekly as a special treat for your skin. In the event that you decide to up your masking game to between two or three times a week, or perhaps an everyday occurrence, make sure to use sheet masks that are extra gentle and hydrating. Avoid masks with dangerous preservatives, emulsifiers, or alcohol, which can be dangerous to the skin following prolonged use. 

7. Sheet masks don’t require washing after use

Applying sheet masks is as easy as slapping a piece of fabric on your face, and making ghost noises to pass the time. However, the post-masking process might be a little less clear, and could leave you asking questions like: ‘why is my face sticky?’ and ‘should I maybe wash this off?’. To answer — no, you definitely shouldn’t wash it off. 

Your face feels sticky because of the active ingredients leftover from the sheet mask. These ingredients are meant to remain on the skin, long after the mask has been removed to maximize its benefits. Simply patting the face dry can help to remove any excess liquids courtesy your sheet mask.

However, if sticky isn’t your thing again, we’ll remind you: not every mask is for you! You’re more a Karuna person. Karuna sheets, with the finest ingredients, biodegradable fibers and high serum concentration, also come with the bonus treat of being sticky-free! 

Sheet masks are a revolutionary addition to skincare routines the world over. From a piece of fabric with little holes cut out, come the benefits of skin hydration, restoration, nourishment, anti-aging to name a few.

The next time you’re having a self-care Sunday, remember to take 45 minutes out to try out your favorite sheet mask.


Written by:  Beth Plumptre

September 02, 2020 — Karuna Marketing