The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, but they can also be stressful. Between finals week and last-minute shopping - along with the dropping temperatures - it’s easy for your skin to become dry or dull. Not the greatest holiday gift. Speaking of which, when shopping for presents this season… have you thought about switching out your box of chocolates for a box of face masks? Not only is skincare an opportunity to unwind after a stressful year, a sheet mask will banish winter dullness and give your complexion a healthy glow - just in time for the holidays. Here’s a few reasons why skincare is the greatest gift! 
1. It’s Affordable

You don’t need expensive creams to spread love and skincare this season. Karuna has plenty of gift options under $10 (Secret Santa, anyone?) to help your loved ones treat their skin with kindness. Many of our mask singles are only $8 - including Anti-Oxidant+ to protect and revive dull skin, Exfoliating+ to deep clean and control oil, and Hydrating+ Hand Mask to add moisture back to dry hands.

2. It’s Versatile

Even if you’re gifting masks in the colder months, skincare is for every season. While dullness and flakiness are a complexion issue during the winter, you may notice acne in the spring or excessive oiliness when summer comes around… and Karuna sets feature multiple masks for every task to guarantee that you’ll always be prepared. HoliGlow Kit features four of our top masks to hydrate, brighten, and nourish - at just $25!

3. Two Words: Self-Care

Face masks are the ultimate symbol of self-care - letting you unwind after a long day, spend some valuable time alone, and watch a Christmas movie while your skin gets a healthy boost of brightness, hydration, and nourishment. It’s the perfect gift for the girl who’s always stressed, and needs a daily dose of self-care, or just loves to treat herself! 7 Days of Glow features a mask for every day of the week to unwind and kiss dry winter skin goodbye! 

4. Full-Body Radiance

Your feet always deserve a bit of pampering, and there’s nothing better than a foot mask! Karuna doesn’t just care for your face… we also have hand and foot masks to nourish and hydrate. Dry hands during the winter are a very real thing, and the Hydrating+ Hand Mask replenishes and adds moisture - all while being swipe-friendly and letting you scroll through Instagram! And sure, foot rubs are cool and all, but have you tried the Exfoliating+ foot mask? It features glycolic acid to gently exfoliate dead skin while coconut oil hydrates and nourishes - leaving feet healthy for the holidays!

5. It’s Luxurious

You’ll already be giving the gift of masks this year - but what about wine glasses and jade rollers? Karuna products aren’t meant to simply take care of the skin, they also care for the soul. Your self-care journey begins with Kindness Kit, featuring 7 masks, a jade roller and a wine glass to relax your mind. Toast to good times and good skin! 


Written By: Carly Kazempoor

December 11, 2020