Balance Is Beautiful

Life is a like a tightrope and beautiful skin is a balancing act.

Our daily lives are full of opposing forces that work to throw us off that can make us lose our equilibrium and it can manifest in our skin. Karuna means compassion. That’s why we formulate clean products that act in synergy with your body to address your skin’s challenges and revive its state of balance.

Beaming. Beautiful. Balanced

Our Four Principles


Whether you’re looking to restart your skincare routine or put together your collection of medicine cabinet must-haves, Karuna’s MAINTAIN line helps you go back to the basics.


Each product is satisfyingly gentle yet extremely effective, helping to restore balance, and maintain your skin.


Mindful. Maximized. Maintained.


If your end goal is healthy, moisturized skin, Karuna’s BOOST

line comes to the rescue.


These hydration heroes leave skin feeling plump and hydrated without feeling slick or greasy.


Bouncy. Beaming. Balanced


Karuna’s CORRECT line targets problematic skin issues while working to stabilize, restore, and revitalize skin.


With a blend of powerful antioxidants and adaptogens, these treatments provide a quick fix and leave behind a balanced glow.


Calm. Clean. Centered.