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  • Rose Quartz Jade Roller
  • Rose Quartz Jade Roller
  • Rose Quartz Jade Roller

Karuna Skin

Rose Quartz Jade Roller

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Roll-out your mask for a deep tissue massage and studies have shown regular face rolling can change the shape of your face.

​This process is similar to the muscles in our body; face muscles get tight–holding tension and also become lax through lack of use. 

​Here's the best way to use your face roller:

​1. Always do face rolling upwards and in one direction – never roll up and down. Do this OVER your Karuna Face Mask. 

2. Repeat up to five upward rolls in each area. First, roll outwards under the jawline, rolling out your mask. 

3. Next, use the face roller to roll out, towards your hairline, under the cheekbones and then along them, you'll feel your skin cool. 

4. Lastly, roll flat along the brows, and then upwards on the forehead, play relaxing music and make sure you haven't forgotten your candles. 

5. Work more slowly over the neck and jawline, but firm over and under the cheeks.