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Sheet Masks - 12-Pack Age-Defying+ Face Mask - Karuna Skin

Hello, calming cleanse! This daily, ultra-gentle cleanser helps you achieve clean skin that's never out of balance. Non-stripping yet purifying, skin will look and feel fresh and balanced all day long.

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✨ Quickly removes excess oils, makeup and       impurities
✨ Won't strip skin's natural moisture
✨ Hydrating, soothing and purifying
✨ Calms stressed-out skin
✨ Helps restore skin's natural pH levels






"The first time I tried the Balancing Cleanser, I was shocked about how well it took off my makeup AND cleansed my skin. The scent is super light and this cleanser also doesn't strip my skin!


— Gabi H.





Is the deposit refundable?

Absolutely! The deposit you pay during your initial checkout will be returned to you at the conclusion of your trial period, regardless of whether you decide to go for the full-size product or not.

How long is my trial period?

You are given a 7-day window to test your sample. On day 4 and again with only 24 hours remaining in the trial period, you will be sent email notifications indicating the nearing conclusion of your trial duration. When the trial period concludes, unless you make changes to your order or decide to not proceed, the complete product will be dispatched, and you will incur the full cost.

When does my trial period start?

The commencement of your trial period will be 5 days following the placement of your sample order, aligning with our usual sample delivery timeframe.

How will I know that my trial period has started?

An email alert will be sent to you five days after you've submitted your Try Before You Order request. This email will provide a link to your Customer Portal order page, where you can access comprehensive information about your order. This includes a countdown timer indicating the remaining duration of your trial period, ensuring you are aware of its expiration.

What if my sample item has not arrived within 5 days of my order?

Should you not receive your sample within a span of five business days, kindly contact us at so that we can extend your trial period

Is it possible for me to place an order that includes both a Try Before You Buy sample item and a regular purchase?

Certainly, it's possible to proceed with a combined cart containing both a sample item and a regular purchase. During the checkout process, you will only be immediately billed for the non-sample item.

How do I opt out of purchasing the full size?

During your trial period follow the link in your order confirmation email to open the Customer Portal and opt out of the full-size purchase.

Who is eligible for Try Before You Buy?

Our Try Before You Buy program is only available for customers shipping to the United States.

How do I return non-sample items in my Try Before You Buy order?

  • To initiate returns for non-sample items you wish to return, kindly contact us via email at, providing your order number and the item(s) within 60 days of purchase. Subsequently, we will furnish return authorization and shipping guidelines.

    Customers are accountable for the shipping expenses associated with returns. Refunds, excluding shipping charges, will be processed back to the initial payment method within 10 business days from receipt.

Why do I need to provide my credit card information when checking out?

Upon your initial checkout, your credit card will solely be charged the refundable deposit for Try Before You Buy items. However, we do request your payment information to facilitate potential payment processing for any full-size upgrades following the trial period.